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School of Peacemeking and Media Technology

The map of intolerance and discrimination incidents in Kyrgyzstan is the open data resource, a tool for situational analysis and data collection. The resource reflects only facts that were documented by the experts of the School of Peacemaking and Coalition for Equality in Kyrgyzstan. Many incidents remain unknown for different reasons. We are sure that the “report an incident” form will help all those who have information about intolerance and discrimination cases contribute to data replenishment and to counter hate speech. The School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia is an organization for the development of media, public relations, the promotion of freedom of expression, and the fight against hate speech and discrimination in the media. Coalition for Equality in the Kyrgyz Republic is an unofficial group of a range of legal entities and individuals that interact and cooperate on human rights, against all forms of discrimination and for equal rights in Kyrgyzstan.